Rituals and Revelations

by Moon in June

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The truth must be unchained
Translated into language of heaven
And beneath the secret levels
The future nights shall be illuminated
See the flow of revelation
As you have gone into my blood


released August 29, 2013

produced by Matti Halmevuo




Moon in June Lahti, Finland

Founded 2004 in Lahti, Finland.

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Track Name: Truth Unchained
Deconstruct the barriers
Remove the shields
As the desert falls over us
The sand greets the false skin
It's time to give up
It's time to give up
It's time to give up

Come outside, hear the metal bend
The mirrors dance above the end
Time is crumbling as the weaklings die
Unchain the creature of truth
Let it feast on the crying flesh

Force the tongue
Force the heart
Force the spirit
Meet God
Track Name: Language of Heaven
Beneath the broken bones
I see the birth and death of a will, that struggles towards the sun

Travel through the river of shadows, the spells of loneliness
The cracks in the asphalt, look deeper and deeper
Observe, discover, the mirror in the hole stares into you and you

Into the spiral jaw
Can you save yourself
and hear
The language of heaven

Breathe in, breathe out
Take the hand of your brother, your scout
No shame, no games, We shall live again
Transparent, outside these words
We can trust each other
Breathe in, breathe out
Track Name: Secret Levels
The great levels of invisible information
Channeling between the vibrant rivers
Disintegration and Chaos
Chaos, life, formation
Track Name: Future Nights
This is the Future Nights
Straight shadows bleed across the mountainside
Mortals levitate into abstraction, inside the curved layers of tomorrow
Love that flows over the hidden hills, greet in never ending paradise
Track Name: You Have Gone Into My Blood
I can, I can feel, feel the fire
It, it is something beautiful, it is something...

I'm not alone, You have gone into my blood
My veins flicker Your colour
Here I am, the way You wanted me

You have seen my dreams, You are in my dreams
I wanted to believe in this destiny
Searching, Losing, Walking, Dancing, Approaching...
Somewhere, over there, there goes our House ...above those falling clouds