Age of Trust

by Moon in June

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Recorded between 2013 and 2014


released January 4, 2015

produced by Matti Halmevuo




Moon in June Lahti, Finland

Founded 2004 in Lahti, Finland.

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Track Name: Disguised in Dreams
"Don't be afraid
This is a broadcast from the past
Ten minutes left to excavation "

In this search of freedom
It has become obvious
This place is devouring itself
The signals are whispering from the borderlands
Moving through the subways
Towards the red machine

From the bolt of being,
our heart is screaming
Stripped from dreams,
there's no disguise
There's no walls, no disguise,
Only space, time and you, you, you

Amongst the annihilation my human form tells me
With the powers infested in me
I can set the will to be free

"Relax... relax...
The second broadcast
takes you outside the valleys of distraction"
Track Name: Turn into Trust
"After the demolition
New Empire is built
This we call, the age of trust"

On the volcanic mountains the man must burn
From This Heat he will learn, in the age of...
Track Name: Pulse of Freedom
The fourth broadcast
tells the secrets of the potion"

The figures of deception
The symbols of regret
In this pure state of corruption
Gasping for silent breath/death

Shifting the days
Memory halls
(you are) Paralyzed, (you are) Drifting away
(you know) Cowards drown
in their pool of lies

Feel the beat
Feel the heat
Feel the beat
Feel the heat

Hear the sound, the pulse, freedom
Hear the sound, the pulse, freedom

Feel the beat
and sacrificed

The sound, the pulse, freedom, freedom
Reversed before the end of light
Track Name: Safe Haven
Memories of the safe haven
burns holes from the starless sky
Illuminates the path of the new age
inside the halos of our lives

At the sea of dreams ... I remember
Below the sea of dreams ... I forget
Track Name: Saint Reflection
"You meet again... mind, power, tradition, religion"

Encoded in Reflection
The moral objection
On the shore
the saint in the white gaunt
offers the Delusion and the law

With the holiest force
you shall feel... the gravity... of my justice

If there's no right or wrong
I will take you, I will take you...
I will take you where you belong
Track Name: Golden Vortex
More... more... more...
Give me, give me, give me more... I like it

"We are near the end...
It's time to learn the shiny rules of deception"

We need more
We need more
We need war

Hunger and splendor
The silver boy grows into golden man
The silver boy, the golden man, the golden vortex
I am the vortex

Numbers flicker in the cranium
Shame reveals the pain
The fear still remains
Your hands are here
The more you can steal
The more you can steal

To reach the unreachable

Give way
From the golden Vortex
rides the emperor of self-deception

To reach the unreachable
Track Name: Angels from Outer Space
"This is the final broadcast
and the final audio from the red machine"

"Farewell, farewell from us all"